Chocolate cake. Smug little existence. I guess you might say I’m a little jealous of you.

People gaze at you lovingly knowing the joy you’ll bring them. Even if it is only for a moment, followed by a pain and perhaps weeks of work to get rid of what it’s left behind.

Cocky little treat. They look at you and think how desirable you are. They can barely resist. Some don’t even try. They just dive right in. Yes most regret not exercising self discipline and averting there eyes from you completely. Mostly though, they all dive in, feel the pang of regret and then quickly forget until the next piece of cake is laid out for them to devour.

I feel like life as a carrot is hard. I’m a little sweet.  I’m definitely good for you. Your mom has always told you that. Still, I’m a little boring. Sure I’ll sustain you, I’ll fuel your cells with nutrients but I’m hard to compare to the rush of that chocolate cake.

What I desire in this life is someone who knows the value of the carrot and the deceit of the chocolate. I need someone who desires health and the steady companionship it provides. Someone who isn’t tempted by what that chocolate cake brings because they know deep inside that the feeling is temporary and destruction is sure to follow.

I wish there was someone who just appreciated my goodness and didn’t compare me to that terrible treat the decadent slice of cake.

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