Back to the beginning…

Back to the beginning…

I want  to start to focus on what my dream really is. It’s hard to hold on to it. The pace of this world hastens everything and it’s only when I’m completely overwhelmed that my spirit cries out for simplicity!

Homesteading is a dream I have had as long as I can remember. When I was just a young girl in school and I gained a curiosity of how people lived without grocery stores and clothing outlets. I was always inspired finding out that first, I COULD SEW!! Guess what? Anyone can sew! That meant that with practice I could make more elaborate things like clothing.

Once I learned to cook, I wondered, where does our food come from? This journey has still a lot of momentum! I cannot wait until the day I can live on a completely self sustaining homestead. If never, at least from here I can be a  fan and appreciate all that it means to live the simple life.

Here’s a family doing it… and well!!

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